AGF Commits to Fiscal Transparency, Accountability

 ...pledges continuous publication of FAAC revenue distribution


The Accountant General of the Federation (AGF), Dr. Oluwatoyin Madein has reaffirmed her commitment to upholding and promoting the ideals of prudence, transparency and accountability in government financial transactions.

The AGF said she will take requisite steps to permanently resolve observed and potential threats to the efficient and continuous implementation of all the financial management reforms initiative of the Federal Government.

Madein explained that since assumption of office, she has undertaken in-depth review of the financial reforms and will leverage on the outcome of the review to inject new ideas and strategies into the projects so that the gains so far recorded will be sustained.

The AGF in a statement on Friday signed by the Director of Press Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, Mr. Bawa Mokwa, said, “Recently, the OAGF had meticulous engagements with IPPIS Service providers, I can assure you that there has been great improvement in the operations of the payment platform.

“The review of other financial management policies is underway. The objective is to give the necessary revitalization to these policies to make them function optimally.”

She said the OAGF will sustain the practice of publishing the details of FAAC revenue distribution to the three tiers of government.

She noted that publication of the revenue distribution will keep Nigerians abreast with the revenue generation and distribution effort of the Federal Government and also help them balance government performance with revenue inflows at all levels.

“A government can only thrive if the citizens are carried along in the management of public funds. Nigerians need to be aware of the inflows and expenditures. With this, they can compare revenue collected with the developments on grounds to ascertain whether the government is performing or not”, she said.

She revealed that the 2022 revenue distribution figures were ready for publication, adding that this will be followed by the publication of the details of the revenue distribution so far made in 2023.

She explained that the seeming delay in publishing the 2022 figures was due to a number of factors including the overriding determination to institute appropriate and permanent mechanisms that will guarantee continuous publication of the revenue distribution.

The AGF, who acknowledged and appreciated the high level of interest shown by Nigerians in the revenue generation and distribution effort of the Government, assured that effort is in top gear to ensure that the revenue distribution figures are published monthly.

On revenue generation, the AGF said recently there has been a remarkable increase in government revenue and expressed optimism that the trend will be sustained.

Madein said her office will ensure prompt and continuous release of funds to the MDAs and the three tiers of government so that development effort will not be hampered.


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