Bagudu Urges Nigerian Economic Society to Partner FG  on Reviving Economy   


The Minister of Budget and Economic Planning, Sen. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, has charged members of the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) to join hands with the federal government in its effort to revamp the economy.

The minister said societies and associations have vital roles to play in shaping national policies and fostering economic growth.


Baguda who was speaking during a courtesy visit to his office, by the members of NES, highlighted the collaborative efforts between the Ministry and the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) and underscored the need for continuous improvement and exploration of innovative strategies to address national economic concerns.


Sen. Bagudu acknowledged the challenges faced by the country and emphasized the importance of generating public discourse and support for strategic initiatives. He encouraged the exchange of ideas and research findings to inform policy decisions and enhance public understanding of ongoing economic reforms.


The minister further stressed the significance of cross-country experiences in garnering support for national reforms. He pointed out the need for effective communication and public engagement to address misconceptions and foster confidence in policy measures.


He said there is  need for critical partnerships aimed at fostering public awareness and participation in prevailing economic challenges facing Nigeria.


Reiterating the Ministry’s commitment to implementing necessary measures, such as, the removal of fuel subsidy and market reforms to stimulate economic growth and mitigate challenges, the minister  said constructive feedback and guidance from stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of policy interventions, were welcomed.


The minister also called for sustained support for ongoing reforms, citing examples from global economic trends and historical experiences. According to him, “this will ensure data-driven decision-making and informed public discourse on economic issues, ultimately enshrining transparency and evidence- based policy formulation in addressing the country’s economic challenges.”


Earlier in his speech, Pof. Adeola Adenikinju requested the Ministry’s participation in organizing the upcoming NES conference in September 2024 and becoming an institutional member of the society, stating that it would enhance the Ministry’s professionalism.


He said the objective of the visit was to seek collaboration between NES and the Ministry on national development plans and emphasized the readiness of NES members to contribute to the country’s economic solutions. He expressed concern over the exclusion of intellectuals from major government committees and advocated for their inclusion. 




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