Buhari to make police, judiciary more efficient

President Muhammad Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari said he would make police and judiciary more efficient in his second term in office.

Buahri said this in Abuja in an NTA special interview with him.

According to the president, such effort is needed to properly reform the sectors to ensure effective administration.

“Police and judiciary are to be in frontline of law and order. They should be able to know the offender in their communities.

“What the government needs to do is to provide the basic need. People should try to expose criminals in their communities,” he said.

Buhari hailed Nigerians for their love, respect and trust in him. He commended them for finding him worthy to rule for the second term in the office.

Buhari linked the secret of love, respect and trust he enjoyed from Nigerian citizens to his hard work to survive in life.

He further promised that he would continue to do his best towards national security.

He noted that his coming to power in 2015 was a relief to North-East of the country because there was reduction of activities of Boko Haram in the region.

He said the administration had ensured food security by making fertilizer available and affordable for the farmers.


The president expressed displeasure on the late passage of 2019 Budget by the National Assembly (NASS).


“ I feel very bad indeed. NASS to hold the Budget for seven months,“ he said.


He said the present administration had worked tirelessly to recover looted money from banks in Europe and U.S.

He explained that the recovery was a gradual process by investigation.

He said government was intensifying effort to fix roads, improve power and other infrastructure to make the business booming as well as encourage foreigners to invest in the country.



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