I still get lots of gigs –Timi Dakolo


Singer, Timi Dakolo, has always been perceived as one of the ‘sons’ of former President Goodluck Jonathan. It was believed Timi could perform at virtually all the state functions because of his relationship with the President.

But with the end of the ex-President’s administration, so many people are of the view that Timi’s business must have been negatively affected.

In fact, shortly before the last administration came to an end, the singer had released a song, ‘Wish me Well,’ where he talked about parking his bag and leaving. His fans and foes went on the internet and began to make funny memes of the singer. Many insinuated that Timi had foreseen the future that things might no longer be that rosy for him again.

However, in a chat with Saturday Beats, the singer explained the concept behind the song. He said,“I sang the song on my wedding and I had that song for about four years. I do not release songs because everybody is releasing songs. I release songs because I see it as a perfect timing. Once it is time and you have the song you, will know that the time is now. I released the song because I felt I wanted to tell a story. At a point in time I looked at my life and said that I have come a mighty long way. I have come from how I was struggling to even get transport fare to come to this Lagos. A lot of people were calling me and asking, what is your plan? What is your passion? I had to put all those things in a song to say it. Somebody could be a successful banker but may not be fulfilled inside. I don’t think success is money; that is my school of thought, it is what gives you contentment.”

Timi said that he saw the jokes online and had a hearty laugh after going through them. The former Nigerian Idol winner said that it was funny anyone would assume that because there is a change of dispensation, he would close shop.

He said, “I laugh. There is no weekend that I am not planning to do one wedding, event or the other. It is not man. This thing that we have, it’s not that we worked hard to get it. It is God. We can only improve on it.”

When asked if he saw the comments online, he said, “Yes, I saw it and I laughed. You know what people have told me in this country? In this dispensation and this same Nigeria, they say with all this English you are speaking, hunger will kill you. I am doing very well. I am on my own lane and nobody is coming to jam me,” he said.

Known for dishing out love songs, he explained why he always features his wife, Busola, in his videos.

“These are things that I say about her and I show her. If I am singing about her, there are some things that you will say that you can’t tell just anybody. You can only say it convincingly to your wife.,” Timi said.

He added that unlike some celebrities who bring their family problems to their social media pages, he would never subscribe to such, adding that he never even argues with his wife in the presence of their children.

“Love is not enough in marriage; the best way to keep a marriage is to trust your companion. People put themselves under a lot of pressure, life is very simple. I usually ask my wife who is ‘toasting’ her presently. We are human beings and the first thing you have to do is be friends with your spouse. It is not every time you feel like loving another human being, sometimes the issues of life may make you keep to yourself. There are times I would cut off from my children but when I realise that I am giving them too much space, I would come back. Sometimes, the pressure of what you are doing takes a toll on you.  I always create a balance in life.

“There is no family that does not argue or fight but we have a rule in my house: we will never argue in the presence of the kids. If I cannot argue in the presence of my kids, why would I put my family problems on social media? Marriage is for two, three is a crowd,” he said.

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