Power Generation Slides by 32.31% to 2,775MW


Despite the recent increase in electricity tariff by the federal government, electricity generation has dropped to 2,775 megawatts, MW as at Thursday, a 32.3 percent decline from 4,099.87MW recorded last week.

This was contained in the data released by the Nigeria Electricity System Operator (NESO), a semi-autonomous unit of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).


Findings indicate that there has been no improvement in the power value chain despite the recent review of Band A power consumers’ billing as there is an inadequate supply of gas to the thermal stations, including the poor state of transmission lines as generation averages 4200 megawatts since this year.


Information supplied by the Independent System Operator (ISO), showed that as of 6 pm on Thursday, load allocation to the eleven DisCos which stood at 2,775.00 Megawatts gave Abuja Disco the highest allocation at 428MW, followed by Ikeja Electric at 422MW, Eko Disco at 359MW, Ibadan Disco at 335MW, Benin Disco at 227MW and Enugu Disco at 200MW.


The distribution companies with the lowest allocation were Yola Disco at 79MW, Jos Disco at 158MW, Kaduna Disco at 181MW, Kano Disco at 188MW and Port Harcourt Disco at 198MW.


This showed that generation was inadequate for transmission and distribution to households and organizations in different parts of the nation, a development that pushed the Electricity Distribution Companies, DISCOs to embark on load shedding to spread the limited electricity to many at different times.


This shortfall in supply has prompted some Discos to appease their customers through their social media handles, Ibadan Disco issued a public announcement with the title “List of Band A feeders with Unmet hours of service (11th, April 2024) dear customers, we sincerely apologize for our inability to deliver the estimated hours of supply on your feeder. This was due to earth faults on the 33kv lines. We remain committed to supplying the estimated hours of supply.



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