CUPP Says Presidency Plans To Force Onnoghen To Resign At Gun Point


The Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) says it has uncovered yet another dastardly plot by the Federal Government in their continued victimization of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen.

This time around the Presidency has concluded the plot to force the CJN to resign at gun point after all mouth watering offers was turned down by the courageous Justice Onnoghen.

According to a statement by the 1st national spokesperson, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere, “The Federal government has resolved on the dual action that the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would weigh in and coerce his colleague Senior Advocates to withdraw from defending the CJN and to resort to the use of security agencies to intimidate the legal team of the CJN.

“Some of the Senior Advocates on the team of the CJN have been trailed, their offices and homes being circled and monitored, their telephones bugged and most of them have had reports from their bankers that their account statements have been obtained by the security agencies and certain instructions placed on some types of transactions.”

The statement further reads: “Subtle threats of arrest have been handed down in a puerile attempt to intimidate, harass, scare and force them to abandon the professional job they have undertaken as provided in law.

Neighbours near the Wuye office of one of the Senior Advocates are already apprehensive due to the activities of the security agencies.

The workers in the farm of the CJN located in Uke in Nasarawa State have been threatened to leave their place of work in the farm or pay with their lives by persons who disguised to be Fulani Herdsmen. We have credible intelligence that the visitors to the farm were arranged by government all to ensure the farm is crumbled and every other source of income of the CJN is blocked. The legal team of the CJN has written to the appropriate security agencies complaining of the warning and threats by the so called Fulani Herdsmen.

The Presidency is clearly playing hide and seek with the security of the country.

The government has been encouraging, supporting and motivating the spread of fake news against the CJN. The Presidency had alleged and spread the fake news that the CJN hid billions of Naira, Dollars, Pounds and Euros in his various accounts yet has been unable to file any of such in Court.

The Presidency encouraged the spread of the fake news that the CJN owns 55 choice properties in several plum areas of Abuja, Lagos Calabar and other cities in and out of Nigeria yet till date has not disclosed the address of any of such houses because the houses only exist in their imagination. The attempt to use the spread of fake news is one that will fail and fall like a pack of cards. The Federal Government knows they do not have anything on the CJN hence their resort to purchasing a contrived Exparte Order which the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal shamelessly said he would want to cement by allowing the prosecution to move the Motion on notice seeking the same prayer.

The collusion between the office of the Attorney general of the Federation and the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal is tending towards criminal and the Nigerian Bar Association is hereby called upon to immediately commence an inquest into extrajudicial the circumstances that led to the granting of the Exparte Order upon which the President claimed to have acted to unlawfully force the CJN out of office.

The Nigerian opposition hereby rejects moves by Presidency to disrupt 2019 Presidential election so as to extend the tenure of President Buhari or set up interim government with the ongoing implementation of the plot to create more constitutional crisis and electoral violence.

This offensive against the CJN by the Presidency is a plot to divert attention from the leadership incompetence of President Buhari and foist pre and post electoral crisis that will lead to joint military and civilian interim government.

Hence we call on the USA and UK governments that as a matter of urgency place travel ban, arrest and revoke visas of Lai Mohammed, Tanko Mohammed, AGF Abubakar Malami, Danladi Umar and their children now. This will serve as deterrent to the potential supporters they may have to recruit within these dying days of the government.

It is now without doubt that the Presidency is playing games with the security of the country. This hide and seek game will not fetch the President any good as the resolve of Nigerians to do the patriotic duty of electing a President who can get Nigeria working again is unshaken and cannot succumb to the intimidation and harassment by the Presidency and their motley Rottweiler supporters. For a President to purport that the Chief Justice of a country will be denied justice is a new low. The Chief dispenser of justice cannot be denied justice.

This intimidation and threats did not work and it will not work. Justice must be done and manifestly seen to have been done.


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