‘Onyema’s innocence would be proven with evidence at the court of law’



An international forensic accountant, Professor Emmanuel Emenyonu has cautioned the public against being swayed by unproven allegations.

Emenyonu disclosed this against the backdrop of allegations against the businessman and airline owner.

In a statement to the media in Lagos, he called on the public to follow the matter without emotions, knowing that the accused is innocent until convicted by a properly constituted court of law.

According to Prof Emenyonu, “Surprisingly, huge outburst have greeted the money laundering accusations against Allen Onyema, Chairman, Air Peace, which is steeped in verbosity and decorated in the garbs of flowery hollowness.”

He further posited that “tossing out charges of money laundering, without proof only predicates crime, which makes it a low hanging fruit for sensation seeking authorities.”

Maintaining that while the U.S. Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia was fully aware that prosecution cannot be done in the media, it is clear that smearing the reputation of an international businessman is cheap.

“They should concentrate on convincing the court of law on the veracity of their allegations instead of mere smear campaign against an illustrious Nigerian,” part of the statement reads.

While calling on Nigerians to demonstrate patriotism, sound scrutiny of issues and commitment to supporting fellow Nigerians, he hopes that in the coming days the innocence of Onyema would be proven with evidence at the court of law.


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