Uber driver accused of having sex with daughter, son



An Uber Driver in Lagos State, Seun Olomo, has been accused of having sex with his two and a half years old daughter in her private part and anus and her brother in his anus.

It was learnt that the alleged incident was revealed after, Olomo lost his wife, Modupe last June and there was battle over who would take care of the children, between him and the maternal grandmother, Mrs. Modupe Iluyomade.

Olomo’s children had gone to Mrs. Iluyomade house to spend time with her after their mother’s death, but Olomo wanted their speedy return back to him. However, while the children was with Mrs Iluyomade, she observed that the two and a half years old girl often times twists her waist and finds it hard to control her urine. Due to this, Mrs. Iluyomade decided to get her dipper to use at night, to prevent bed wetting. One of the days she was using the dipper for the girl, she observed that her virginal was wide and she decided to take her to the hospital where it was later confirmed that the girl had been sexually abused and was injured with scars in her virginal and anus. Her brother was also confirmed to have been sexually abused via his anus and also had injured scars worse than his sister’s.

The children were said to have confessed on separate occasions that it was their father that sexually abused them and told them not to tell anyone because that it was a family secret.

Mrs Iluyomade said it all began after she lost her first daughter Modupe, to an accident in Ikeja area of Lagos state on the third of June.

“My daughter, Seun and the children were in my house on the 31st of May through second of June. They left that Sunday morning to worship with Seun’s parents who came to Lagos from Ilesha for an ordination. I was shocked to be called on the third of June around 10pm that Modupe had an accident and she eventually died at the hospital.

“It was Seun’s mother that called one of my daughters to inform me on the accident. I learnt Modupe took Okada from Ikeja Along and had the accident around Zik. When I got to the hospital, that day, the doctor said it was a Good Samaritan that brought my daughter. Neither Seun nor his parents was there and I was not allowed to see Modupe. When Seun and his family later came, I was shocked at their behavious. Seun later asked me to go back home but I could not sleep that night. When I woke up the next morning, I called Seun that I was going to the hospital but he told me not to come yet, he later said he was coming to meet me at home that Modupe had been taken to the mortuary. I suspected something around her death.

“People started coming into my house; I could not eat or drink for three days. It was at this point that my family members suggested that my grandchildren should come and spend some time with me, hoping that would console me.

“Seun did not want to allow those children to come to me. When they finally came, my five years old grandson told me that his paternal grandmother told him that his mother is dead and she would never come back to again. I was shocked at why she would tell a little boy such. I just hugged the boy and told him she travelled and would be back soon. Since Seun and Modupe got married, I have not gotten anything from them, I give to them all the time, including the children school fees, house rent and money for upkeep and I have never complained; I pray for them that things will get better.”

She explained that some days after the children came to stay in her house, she noticed that when she wants to bathe the girls private part, she will be shaking, when she wants to urinate, she will be twisting her waist, the urine drops on her pants before she gets to the toilet and that she urinates often.

“I decided to get a potee so that she will urinate close by. I also got her a dipper so as to prevent bed wetting at night. It was when I wanted to use the dipper for her that I saw that her private part was wide and I was shocked, because I have taken care of children and I have not seen anything like that before.  I took her to Isolo health centre, but the doctor told me some children are born like that or that it may be an infection and I was given medications for her. But in taking the medications, I noticed little or no difference.

“By this time Seun started threatening that he wanted his children back by all means. I told him to leave the children with me till after 40 days of my daughter’s death but he refused. My daughter would have been 35 years old on last Sunday. He brought several boys to my house to collect the children; he even brought OPC and wanted to take the children by force. I was wondering how he would take care of the kids all alone, I wanted to give them motherly care for a while since their mother was late, besides they were too young for a man to take care of, considering the nature of his job, but he said he does not want the children to stay with me. I wanted us to sit down and talk on how the children will be taken care of, probably we can take care of the children together, such that while he was away to work, they will be with me.

“The next thing was that I got a call from Onikan police station, I was told it has become a criminal case; they said I kidnapped children. But I explained it all to them, that they are my grandchildren and not kidnapped, that I wanted them to be with me for a while.

“It was at this point that I went to the Office of the Public Defender (OPD) for advice. I explained all to them and we had several meetings. I was asked to bring the children and was referred to Mirabel centre where tests were done on the two of them, because of the wide virginal I noticed on the girl.  The doctor said the girl has been defiled and that she has injury in her private part and that there are fresh scars in her anus. I was told to bring the boy too and after the test, I was told the boy had worse scars in his anus and they could see the shape of an adult penis in both of them.

“The doctor asked the boy who was doing that to him, he was afraid and he refused to talk, I asked him several questions but he did not answer initially. He later said his father said he should not tell anybody; I asked who did it to him, he said it was his father and he told him to tell no one. He said it would be paining him and that he will be crying when his father is doing it but his father will say sorry. He also said his maternal grandmother said he should not tell anybody, that it is a family secret.

Mrs. Iluyomade said she has never seen something like that in her life.

She said she was called at a point by Ikeja police command where a police was abusing, threatening and insulting her that she was dragging the family name into the mud, that how will she say the son of his (the police) own elder brother is putting his penis into his children and that even if it is killing he is ready to kill and go to any level on the matter.

She said the children were with the state government, saying she wants justice for them.

“What is happening is not good for the children, they are too small to go through such, and they have spoilt their life. I don’t understand what killed my daughter but justice must be met for her children, “she said.

“I am aware of the issues going on but I will like face to face conversation. I have an appointment relating to the issue on ground tomorrow. I cannot tell what time I will be done but I will call you when I am done and I will come to your office so we will have a face to face conversation,” he said.

However, as of press time, Olomo was yet to get back to our reporter and his numbers were not reachable.

It was however gathered that as of press time the case was still being addressed at the Magistrate court in Ogba.

Contacted the OPD Director, Mrs. Ademrera Adeyemi, she said the incident was brought to her office and the children were taken to a specialised shelter provided by the Lagos State government.

“This case came to us as custody and maintenance case. The plan initially was to resolve the issue of who would take care of the children and settle the matter between the maternal grandmother and the father of the children. We were to conclude and settle the agreement of when the children will be seen by both parties. It was during our mediation that we discovered something else.


“Mrs. Iluyomade at a point told me she noticed the girls private part was wide so we referred her to Mirabel centre (the centre we use for our special offences cases, they do examination and aftermath of the examination result, including medication and counselling) and the doctors said there has been frequent penetration to the virginal and the anus of the girl and for the boy it was repeated forceful sexual penetration and they saw scars and that their private parts and anus had been widened. The doctor said the incident was committed by an adult.


“It was at this point that the case changed, and we invited them for interview. The children did not want to talk; the boy said the paternal grandparents know about it. The boy said it was their father that did it, the girl also said it was her father and she described how he does it. We transferred the case to the gender unit of the state command. The children were taken by court order to a specialised shelter provided by the Lagos State government,” she said.




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